Download Powerpoint Calendar Template for Free

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Before we begin, a few notes:
This training will cover instruction for calendar editors and
members. For the more advanced material from last week, click the Help
button in the calendar and see the Webinar slides and recording section.
Phones are muted, but you can submit questions via chat. We have hundreds
of participants on the webinar, and only a handful of people to respond to
chat. Please be patient.
If you are submitting questions through the chat, please keep your entire
question in context, since chat conversations are not threaded.
We have an updated list of FAQs on the wiki. Click the Help button in the
calendar to view the FAQs.
If you have a specific problem you’re trying to troubleshoot, use the LDSTech
Forum (
You can download these slides and train others. The webinar will be recorded
too. The slides and recording will be posted later (available in the help
material for the calendar).
Powerpoint Calendar Template
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