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Teacher’s Guide--PowerPoint Templates for Student Mini-Research Presentations
Integrate 21
Century Learning and Assessment--The 21
Century skills initiative and most
state standards require that students use technology to search for information, organize, analyze,
synthesize it, and then present it to audiences. This type of performancebased assessment is
increasing in popularity as technology helps to support this research-proven way of learning.
PowerPoint Presentations by StudentsPowerPoints, used effectively, have been a staple of
business presentations for a decade. Now that same technology can benefit students as they
demonstrate their learning and critical thinking beyond textbooks and multiple choice testing.
Teachers Need Models to Share with StudentsProQuest understands that it needs to
support teachers with models to help transition from textbook to inquiry-based learning and
assessment. ProQuest now provides two models for students and teachers to adapt for their
PowerPoint presentations: The Engaging Issues template; and the Essential Questions template.
These models will guide students and teachers to create effective presentations no matter what
the topic, issue, or ProQuest product being used. When used effectively, the templates will . . .
1. Ensure a logical sequence of slides to help increase audience interest and understanding
2. Integrate critical thinking that results in original thought and reasoned conclusions
3. Integrate opportunities to present student-selected facts to support their conclusions
4. Integrate opportunities for including multimedia and visuals when appropriate
5. Ensure presentations are limited to 3 minutes
6. Ensure that the teacher and all students know the criteria for assessing the presentation
Student mini-research guidelines in preparing for the presentation:
1. Students must select a minimum of 5 topic/issue relevant resources through their research
2. Essential questions assigned by the teacher must be phrased to integrate higher-order
thinking skills: (
3. Essential questions can be developed by the teacher or in conjunction with the student
through brainstorming
4. Students need to copy and paste citations and essential information from each resource
they select into a Draft Summary document (limit to 2 pages), then get it approved and
signed by the teacher
(see pages, bottom 14, 15-16)
5. Students present their signed Draft Summary to the teacher prior to the presentation to
ensure authenticity and reduce plagiarism
6. Teachers can include a brief period of student questioning after each presentation
Two Types of Research with Templates to Support Student Presentations:
Engaging Issues Template One of the goals of student research is to resolve a controversial
issue in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, etc. This template is designed to support such a
presentation. It focuses students to review both sides of the issue and then requires them to
resolve the issue and justify their position with facts and expert opinion.
Essential Questions Template Another goal of student research is to understand a specific
topic that contributes to an overall understanding of a larger concept or idea in any academic
subject. Too often these topical assignments result in copy/paste rewrites of encyclopedia articles
with little real content learning and critical thinking. This template focuses student research on
answering at least 3 higher-order essential questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. The teacher
develops these either independently or through brainstorming with the student. By answering
these questions, students learn both academic content and develop the critical thinking skills they
will need in future education, life, and careers.
Powerpoint Templates for Teachers
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