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Limited Power of Attorney
To: Government of Prince Edward Island, as represented by the Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning
(“the Government”)
1. I,
(print full name of borrower giving the power of attorney)
to be my attorney
(print the full name of the person you appoint)
to act on my behalf in all matters pertaining to student loans issued or managed by the Government of
Prince Edward Island through the Prince Edward Island Student Loan Program including, but not limited
to, entering into and endorsing, on my behalf, the Certificate of Eligibility.
2. I acknowledge and agree that my attorney, by entering into and endorsing the Certificate of Eligibility,
binds me to all terms, conditions and obligations associated with such form and including repayment
3. I confirm that both I and my attorney are at least 18 years old.
4. I understand that my attorney may act on my behalf until this limited power of attorney is terminated or
5. Any notice of revocation by me must be in writing, signed, dated and witnessed in the same way as this
limited power of attorney. All other notices must be in writing, signed and dated. All notices, including any
notice of revocation must be forwarded to EDULINX - PEI. Until any notice has been given and
acknowledged in writing by the Government, all that my attorney will do in accordance with this power of
attorney is fully accepted and confirmed.
6. My attorney is not entitled to compensation for acting pursuant to this power of attorney.
7. Signature of Borrower giving the Limited Power of Attorney
(sign your name in the presence of two witnesses)
(insert your full current address)
8. Witness Signature
Both witnesses must be present together when you sign.
Both witnesses must sign their names in your presence and in the presence of each other.
The following people cannot be witnesses: the attorney or his or her spouse or partner; the spouse,
partner or child of the borrower, or someone that the borrower treats as his or her child; a person
whose property is under the guardianship or who has a guardian of the borrower; a person under the
age of 18.
Witness #1: Signature:
Print Name
Witness #2: Signature:
Print Name
9. Signature of Attorney
(sign name of attorney)
PEI Limited Power of Attorney (E)(vers 1.0)
Prince Edward Island Limited Power of Attorney Form
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