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Letter for Job Transfer to Another Branch
Company Name..
Subject: Letter for Job Transfer
Mr. Shahid Anwar, You are working in Sufi & Co since five year, and the management of this company
feeling proud you are the part of our esteem organization, due to some person shortage and
progress in Karachi office. Karachi Sales office team has been transferred to you in Multan office.
To keeping in view you were look after all marketing activities at Karachi office because your
appointment hereby as marketing executive in Karachi office. After being relieved from Karachi office,
you are directed to report to Mr. Danish Ahmed Director Marketing Karachi Sales office.
You are taking over report at Karachi sales office should promptly be sent to this office. I hope you will
perform your tasks in very well form. Company has decided to arrange accommodation and
conveyance for you in Multan and enhance the salary package and other allowances as well.
Best Wishes,
Manager Human Resource.
Printable Employment Application Form
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