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Task List
Part I: Due via e-mail to your mentor tonight!
Part II: Due via e-mail to your mentor and professor before next class.
The goal of this assignment is to practice enumerating all tasks, prioritizing them,
and estimating their difficulty. Your work will be judged based on your participation
and presentation, not the accuracy of your predictions. Accurate estimation and
prioritization are very difficult, and they take lots of practice.
Part I
1) Using Excel, list every task you want to do this week, and how long you think it
will take. Limit yourself to tasks that take at least 2 hours, so “attend GDD 101” will
make the list, but “brush my teeth” will not. These lists might be shared in class, so
if you have a sensitive item, simply label it “Important Thing A: X hours.”
Hint: There are 168 hours in a week. If your task list falls short of 168 hours, you
are probably missing some major tasks.
2) Assign a priority to each task, where 1 is high priority and 5 is low priority. You
will surely have multiple tasks at each priority, but try not to have all 1s or all 5s.
3) Send the prioritized list to your mentor tonight, predicting which of the tasks you
will complete by next class.
Part II
4) The day before class, look at your task list again. How were your predictions?
Did you accomplish the high priority tasks? Add a new column to your spreadsheet
labeled “Actual Time Spent,” and record how much time you actually spent doing
tasks this past week.
File Format:
You must use Excel or Google Spreadsheets. I encourage Excel.
Name your file: Task List Section X [Last Name] [First Name]
o For example, my task list could be: Task List Section A Fay Ira
Send the completed file as an e-mail attachment to Ira and your mentor
before next class.
Original assignment designed by Professor Ira Fay.
Priority Task List Template
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