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In general, the Professional Biography Template is a summary of one's life written by others. It includes the important points and big events the one has experienced. The remarkable achievements and core professional beliefs are often shown in this document. In sum, it is the introduction of one's life story. The biography is often written in the third person. Whoever is interested in this template can take the file below for reference.

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Professional Biography Template
Professional Biography Template ♦ 2012 Cherice Montgomery, Ph.D.
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(First and last name) received (degree, special training, study
abroad) in (discipline or field) from (name of university) and is
currently teaching (language, level of courses) at (name of
institution). A strong advocate for (list core professional beliefs
or values), (she/he) involves (her/his) students in (list typical
activities or projects that reflect core professional beliefs).
(Her/His) professional interests focus on (list professional or research interests), and
(her/his) current projects include (list professional activities and publications). In addition,
s/he serves as (name of position)for (name of organization), and is a member of (name
of advisory board or professional association). (She/he) was recently honored with the
(name of award) for (her/his) contributions to (field, organization, etc.).
Carrie Cougar received a B.A. in Spanish Teaching from
Brigham Young University and is currently teaching Spanish I, II,
and IV at Skyline High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. A strong
advocate of hands-on, inquiry-based learning, she involves her
students in a variety of community service, problem-solving,
and technology-infused activities that provide them with
opportunities to use their Spanish to help others. Her professional interests focus on
communicative approaches to language teaching, thematic planning, and
cooperative learning and her current projects include the organization of a trip to Spain
for the Spanish Club, teaching Spanish to staff at a residential treatment facility, and the
development of a thematic of a Humanities course for 7
-grade Spanish students. In
addition, s/he serves as the National Spanish Honor Society Sponsor for Skyline High
School, and is a member of the Utah Foreign Language Association and the American
Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. She was recently honored with the
Super Staff Award for her contributions to Skyline High School's Freshmen Transition
Professional Biography Template
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