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This file is a project initiation document with a very simple and clear format. As the file describes, this document usually used to capture and record the basic information needed to direct correctly and manage the project. It addressed the fundamental aspects of the project such as the aim of the project, the reason to achieve the stated aims, the roles and responsibilities of staff that will be involved in managing the project and how the arrangement will be put into effect. This file is free for you to download as a reference to create your document.

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Initial Project Case
Benefits of the Project
Key Assumptions
How will the project be evaluated?
How will the project be sustained?
Implications for Equality & Diversity
Initial Risk Log
The following table summarises the risks that have been identified that may prevent the
project being completed to the required quality, budget and timescale. The probability and
impact of each risk has been graded as low, medium or high to indicate the relative
importance attached to each element of risk.
Containment Plan
Project Team
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