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Microsoft Office SharePoint
Server Custom Application
Development: Document
Workflow Management
Eric Charran, Microsoft Corporation
Date published:
February 2009
Applies to:
Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007
VSTS Rangers:
This content was created in a VSTS Rangers project. “Our mission is to accelerate the adoption
of MicrosofVisual Studio® Team System by delivering out-of-band solutions for missing
features or guidance. We work closely with members of Microsoft Services and MVP
communities to make sure that their solutions address real-world blockers.” Bijan Javidi, VSTS
Ranger Lead
This white paper reviews the successful Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) design,
construction, and deployment of a custom MicrosofOffice SharePoint® Server 2007
application to a mid-market enterprise customer. This documentation will serve to educate and
Project Management Workflow Template
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