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This file is a Project Organization Roles and Responsibilities Chart, which presents the relationship between the roles in the project and their responsibilities by matrix. This template is very detailed and comprehensive. It includes the high-level project organization chart, the key roles and responsibilities and organization chart. You can review the template to get more details. You can download this template and edit to create an organization chart for your project.

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Key Roles & Responsibilities
Core Team Members
Provides day-to-day leadership for the
planning, implementation, and closing of
a project
Resolves issues and escalates when required
Manages individual sub teams
Meets regularly to review issues and monitor project progress
Provides status updates on open action items
Manages project issues and risks
Functional Team
Manages the sub team and pursues the
team’s given objectives (i.e. project
Serves on the Core Team
Provides regular status updates to the Project Manager/Leader, estimated time
to completion, cause of variances, etc., as defined by the project
Attends and actively participates in project team meetings
Contributes to overall project objectives and specific team deliverables
Coordinates team activities related to project schedule
Team Member
Responsible for contributing to overall
project objectives and specific team
Contributes to project schedule development in collaboration with Project
Performs assigned activities once the schedule is approved
Communicates project risks and escalates issues to team lead
Attends and actively participates in team meetings
Project Resource
Responsible for providing subject matter
expertise as needed
Contributes subject matter expertise and input as needed throughout the
Implements assigned deliverables/tasks
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