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Company address
Company email
Employer/supervisor name and contact information
<Your name>
<Your address>
<Your contact information>
<Name of company that requires verification>
<Company contact>
<Company address>
RE: <Subject of letter, e.g., “Verification of Income”>
Dear <company contact>:
< In body of letter, present following information:
1 Your purpose for writing letter
2 Your job title
3 How long you have been at the job
4 Current, past, and future income levels
5 How long you plan to stay at current income level
Also add:
1 Request to look at supporting documentation, such as bank stubs, Social Security
Statement or income tax statements
2 Thank contact for their time and for reading letter >
<Handwrite signature here>
<Your name typed>
Enclosures (Total number of enclosures): <Specify here what documentation you are including
with this letter>
Proof of Income Letter Template
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