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Property Management Proposal
Premises: (Name of Property)
(Address of Property)
Commencement Date: The Commencement Date shall be (Start Date) (or as
Term: The Term of the Management Agreement shall be Two (2)
Year(s) from the Commencement Date.
Management Fee: Commercial Properties/Residential Properties 5% of the
gross monthly revenues, plus GST.
Insurance: Low cost insurance coverage as a part of the company
program policy may be 30-45% lower than individual rates.
Termination: Either party shall have the option of terminating the
contract with NINETY (90) DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE to the
respective party.
Additional Charges: Photocopying Services: Mail outs, such as Letters and
Notices, Rental Increases, and Assessment Letters.
Delivery Charges: Mail outs as above and Courier
Administration Charges: Advertising, long distance
charges, credit and reference checks. All costs to be at
market rates plus GST with no additional mark up.
Annual Audit Fee: As required by law (Real Estate Council
of Alberta).
Confidentiality: All parties acknowledge that the financial terms of this
proposal and the contents hereof are strictly confidential
and covenant not to disclose or allow disclosure of the
same to any third party.
Property Management
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