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Attn: Bidding Unit, Room G-35
165 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106
Solicitation Number Date Due Back Principal Contact Phone Number
LP 4 p.m.
Owner(s) of the Property as recorded in Town Land Records
Address of Owner(s)
Property Offered (Street Address, Town) Zoning Lot Size
Frontage (feet) Accessibility to Public Transportation
Topography of Site Flood Zone and Other Limiting Conditions
Parking Offered Owned______ On-Site_______ Parking Garage________ Levels________
Total Spaces Provided_____ Not Owned_____ Off-Site____ Off-Site Location_______________________________
Building Offered: Rental_________ Office___________ Industrial_________ Other____________
Year Built ________ Year Renovated ______ Describe What Renovated______________________________________
_______________________ Complies with ADA?_________ Other Codes?___________________________________
Type of Structure (e.g.Steel)___________ Exterior Walls (e.g.Brick)________________ No. Stories________________
Type of Roof Cover (e.g.shingles)___________ Age of Roof _____ Sprinkler System: Wet___ Dry___ None________
Number of Elevators: Passenger _____ Freight ____ Load Capacity of Floors _________________PPSF
Security System (e.g. electronic, personnel): Describe:____________________________________________________
Heating System: Type______________ No. Zones_____ Fuel_________ Age (yrs.)______ When updated?_______
Air Conditioning (if applicable): Type____________________ No. Zones______ Fuel____________ Age_________
Total Bldg. Gross Sq.Ft.(GSF)_______ Total Bldg. Net Usable Sq.Ft.(NUSF)________ Total NUSF per floor_______
(Note: See below for definition of Net Usable Square Feet.)
Indicate evidence of energy conservation measures _______________________________________________________.
Amount of Space Available for Lease: 1)_______NUSF on the ____ floor 2)_______NUSF on the _______ floor
3)__________NUSF on the _____ floor 4)__________NUSF on the ______ floor 5)_______NUSF on the ____ floor
Definition of Net Usable Square Feet: The interior floor area of a building, used for office and other purposes, within the area leased
by a tenant which is for its exclusive use: any space shared in common with other tenants, such as, entrance and elevator lobbies;
hallways, bathrooms, or used by management for other tenants, such as janitorial or electronic/mechanical closets, is not part of net
usable area: if these areas are for the sole use of a tenant, they may be counted in that tenant’s net usable area. The measurement
includes structural elements of the building found in the tenant’s space, such as columns and projections necessary to the building but
excludes vertical space penetrations of the building such as elevators, stairwells, air shafts and stacks. Measurement of net usable
space is to the dominant (over 50%) inside face, such as window glass of the exterior wall; to the midpoint of a wall separating a
tenant from an adjacent tenant; and to the inside face of a common corridor, elevator shaft, stairway or similar space.
Proposal To Lease Space Example
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