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Purchase Agreement is a contract between a buyer and a seller in a transaction. This contract stipulates the obligations and rights of both the buyer and the seller. This form approved by the Minnesota Association of REALTORS, which disclaims and liability arising out of use or misuse of this form. Each line of this agreement is numbered from 1 to 281.

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This form approved by the Minnesota Association of REALTORS
which disclaims any liability arising out of use or misuse of this form.
© 2010 Minnesota Association of REALTORS
, Edina, MN
1. Date
2. Page 1 of
5. the sum of Dollars ($ )
6. by CHECK CASH NOTE as earnest money to be deposited upon Final Acceptance of Purchase
------------------------(Check one.)------------------------
7. Agreement by all parties, on or before the third Business Day after Final Acceptance, in the trust account of listing
8. broker, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, but to be returned to Buyer if Purchase Agreement is not accepted
9. by Seller.
10. Said earnest money is part payment for the purchase of the property located at
11. Street Address:
12. City of , County of ,
13. State of Minnesota, legally described as
17. including all fixtures on the following property, if any, owned by Seller and used and located on said property,
18. including but not limited to garden bulbs, plants, shrubs and trees; storm sash, storm doors, screens and awnings;
19. window shades, blinds, traverse and curtain and drapery rods; attached lighting fixtures and bulbs; plumbing
20. fixtures, water heater, heating plants (with any burners, non-fuel tanks, stokers and other equipment used in connection
21. therewith), built-in air-conditioning equipment, electronic air filter, water softener
-------------------------(Check one.)-------------------------
22. built-in humidifier and dehumidifier, liquid fuel tank(s) OWNED RENTED NONE and controls (if the
----------------------------(Check one.)----------------------------
23. property of Seller), sump pump; attached television antenna, cable TV jacks and wiring; BUILT-INS: dishwashers,
24. garbage disposals, trash compactors, ovens, cook-top stoves, microwave ovens, hood fans, intercoms;
25. ATTACHED: carpeting; mirrors; garage door openers and all controls; smoke detectors; fireplace screens, doors and
26. heatilators; AND the following personal property:
30. all of which property Seller has this day agreed to sell to Buyer for sum of ($ )
31. Dollars,
32. which Buyer agrees to pay in the following manner:
33. 1. Cash of
percent (%) of the sale price, or more in Buyer’s sole discretion, which includes the earnest
34. money; PLUS
35. 2. Financing of percent (%) of the sale price, which will be the total amount secured against this property
36. to fund this purchase.
37. Such financing shall be (check one)
a first mortgage; a contract for deed; or a first mortgage with
38. subordinate financing, as described in the attached Addendum:
39. Conventional FHA DVA Assumption Contract for Deed Other: .
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Check one.)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
40. The date of closing shall be , 20 .
MN:PA-1 (9/10)
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Purchase Agreement
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