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Revised September 2015
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Quality Assurance Policy 2015-2016
Bromley Adult Education College has in place a set of processes to ensure
quality will be experienced consistently across all aspects of the College
operations (Quality Assurance) and support the College in a cycle of
continuous improvement and rising standards (Quality Improvement). At the
heart of the cycle is self-assessment
The aim is to achieve quality improvements that are learner focussed and
that have a positive impact on the learner experience:
The quality of teaching, learning and assessment
The College environment, including resources
The College services and operations
Our Procedures
The College operates under a Local Scheme of Management, which
determines much of its policies and procedures. This includes specification of
customer groups, curriculum, quality improvement, customer care, health
and safety and budget and financial regulations.
The processes that support quality are set out in detail and available on the
College intranet in the policies and procedures area. All staff, from induction
and probation onwards, are introduced and trained in these processes.
Implementation is monitored to ensure staff understand and comply and that
all aspects of the procedures are effective.
Feedback is regularly sought from learners and employers with regard to the
quality of their experience of BAEC. This feedback is evaluated by the
relevant management team and used to improve the quality of College
Quality Assurance Framework
The College has in place a range of systems and procedures that combine to
provide a quality assurance framework.
College wide annual self-assessment by area of learning and funding
Annual observation of teaching, learning and assessment cycle
Moderation of observation of teaching, learning and assessment
grades and process
Annual staff development plan
Staff appraisals
All new tutors are encouraged to gain or to be working towards a
recognised teaching qualification during their first year of employment
Quality Assurance Policy Template
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