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Molecular Biology, PhD
100 Main St. Reading, MA [email protected] (588)-669-5555
Highly motivated and innovative molecular biologist with specialization in mitochondria biology, molecular genetics,
cell biology, microbiology, and biochemistry. Expertise in development and execution of genetic and biochemistry-
based research methods. Passionate about learning new scientific skills. Enthusiastic team player adept at providing
leadership while also learning from fellow team members. Experienced in managing multiple projects simultaneously.
Effective communicator and teacher that can conceptualize complex biological to audiences with varied expertise.
Brandeis University Waltham MA 2003-2009
PhD Molecular and Cell Biology, Thesis: “The Stringent Response and the E. coli Cell Cycle.”
The University of Vermont (UVM) Burlington VT 1997-2001
BS Animal Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Biology Cambridge MA 2009-Current
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Laboratory of Professor X)
Awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the American Cancer Society, New England Division.
Examined how DNA damaging agents alter the mitochondrial metabolism and mitochondrial DNA of cells.
Led project team that investigated how the cancer drug cisplatin perturbs iron homeostasis in cells.
Introduced mitochondrial isolation and analysis techniques.
Advised and assisted several students, including an undergraduate researcher.
Constructed and taught four literature-based seminars to undergraduates on mitochondria and human diseases.
Harvard Extension School, Cambridge MA Spring 2013
Instructor for “Biotechnology Basics.”
Designing and teaching a course on Biotechnology for non-scientist professionals.
Brandeis University Department of Biology Waltham MA 2003-2009
Graduate Student (Laboratory of Professor Y)
Collaborated across labs to identify a novel bacterial cell cycle checkpoint induced by starvation.
Investigated the physiological changes of starving bacterial cells.
Developed a cell synchronization protocol for the replication of Escherichia coli cells
Taught and trained students as a teaching assistant of the Advanced Bacterial Genetics Course in Cold Spring
Harbor, NY.
Hypnion Worcester MA 2002-2003
Research Associate II
Performed surgical implantation of telemeters and microchips in rodents to monitor sleep patterns by electro-
encephalogram and electro-musculargram signaling.
Monitored study chambers and performed treatments of various sleep-inducing and wake-promoting
Ascertained quality control of electronic devices that registered sleep and wake signaling.
Authored numerous general laboratory protocols for the maintenance of the electronics
Molecular Biology, PhD pg.2
Quality Control Microbiologist Resume
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