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This Lease Agreement (this "Lease") is dated , by and between
("Landlord"), and
("Tenant"). The parties agree as follows:
and car garage (the "Premises") located at
PREMISES. Landlord, in consideration of the lease payments provided in this Lease,
leases to Tenant a having bedrooms, bathrooms
TERM. The lease term will begin on and will terminate on
LEASE PAYMENTS. Tenant shall pay to Landlord lease payments of , payable
in advance on the first day of each month, for a total lease payment of
. Lease
payments shall be made to Landlord at
Payments may be mailed to this address or delivered during normal business hours
(Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm). Payments must be at this address no later than the third
day of each month. This address may be changed from time to time by Landlord.
SECURITY DEPOSIT. Tenant has paid to Landlord a security deposit of to
be held and disbursed for Tenant damages to the Premises or other defaults under this
Agreement (if any) as provided by law. Some or all of the deposit may be retained by
the Landlord if the property is not left in an undamaged, clean, leasable condition. Only
the amount necessary to correct any of these conditions will be held.
POSSESSION. Tenant shall be entitled to possession on the first day of the term of this
Lease, and shall yield possession to Landlord on the last day of the term of this Lease,
unless otherwise agreed by both parties in writing. At the expiration of the term, Tenant
shall remove its goods and effects and peaceably yield up the Premises to Landlord in as
good a condition as when delivered to Tenant, ordinary wear and tear excepted.
USE OF PREMISES/ABSENCES. Tenant shall occupy and use the Premises as a
dwelling unit. Tenant shall notify Landlord of any anticipated extended absence from the
Premises not later than the first day of the extended absence.
OCCUPANTS. No more than ( ) adults and ( ) children may reside on
the Premises unless the prior written consent of the Landlord is obtained.
PETS. No pets (except fish) shall be allowed without the prior written consent of
FURNISHINGS. The following furnishings will be provided by Landlord:
Real Estate Business Lease Template
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