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THIS AGREEMENT, (“Agreement”) is effective as of the date of prospective buyers electronic
registration, between ENLIGN Business Brokers, Inc., a North Carolina Corporation; ENLIGN
Commercial, LLC, a North Carolina Limited Liability Company, both having their principal place of
business at 2009 Caminos Street, Raleigh, NC 27607 (cumulatively “ENLIGN”) and the digitally
undersigned prospective buyer (“Participant“).
In consideration of the promises, the delivery and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties
agree as follows:
1. GENERAL. This Agreement establishes a Confidentiality Agreement and Agency Disclosure
between ENLIGN and Participant to facilitate the discussion and exchange of confidential information
regarding businesses and/or real-estate represented by ENLIGN (“Seller”). It is contemplated, pursuant to
this Agreement that ENLIGN will hereafter disclose to Participant said confidential information. Participant
understands that all confidential information provided by ENLIGN of any type in all forms is protected.
2. ROLE. ENLIGN is representing Seller as marketing agent of business assets and/or real
estate. ENLIGN’s duty is limited to assisting in the sale of the business and/or sale/lease of real estate at
mutually agreed upon terms and conditions between Participant and Seller. ENLIGN may be compensated
by Seller and/or Participant and said compensation may be based all or in part on the total transaction value.
By Participant’s registration, Participant selects ENLIGN Commercial, LLC as Participant’s exclusive real
estate agent when Participant will be purchasing or leasing real estate used in conjunction with the acquired
business assets (Dual Agency) .
3. RESPONSIBILITIES. As professionals, ENLIGN is obligated to treat Participant honestly and with
integrity. This duty of good faith dealing towards Participant co-exists with ENLIGN’s fiduciary
obligations to ENLIGN’s client, the Seller. When real estate is included ENLIGN will be acting as Dual
4. CAVEAT EMPTOR. ENLIGN and its brokers do not audit, investigate or otherwise confirm or
validate the information, facts, or figures that will be provided to Participant by Seller or other agents of
Seller. It is therefore understood that ENLIGN and its brokers make no representations or warranties, either
expressed or implied, with respect to their accuracy or completeness of information, nor invite or encourage
full reliance upon them. You, as Participant, are urged to verify personally all information, facts, and
figures presented to you from any source and to rely upon that verification and/or that of your own legal,
tax, and financial advisor. In any and all cases Participant and its assigns agree to hold ENLIGN and its
brokers/agents/employees/assigns harmless from any and all claims arising out of any transaction into
which Participant may enter with seller in the future including, but not limited to, any and all inaccurate or
misleading disclosures made by Seller in connection with such transaction. Buyer agrees to instruct the
attorney drafting the transaction documents to include the following language:
The Seller and Buyer acknowledge that they have not relied upon any advice, promise, inducement,
representation, warranty, commitment, guarantee, or opinion of any kind, either verbal or in writing, of
ENLIGN, its agents, employees, or representatives in connection with any aspect of this transaction. It is
acknowledged and understood by Buyer and Seller that ENLIGN acted as a conduit of information between
the Seller and Buyer, and that ENLIGN has relied entirely upon the representations made by the parties
without any independent investigation. The Buyer and Seller each represent and warrant that they have
independently conducted their own investigations and due diligence with regard to the purchase and sale.
Real Estate Confidentiality Agreement For Agent Sample
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