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Revised **08/10/15**
Reports To: VP of Operations
Revised: 08/10/15
I. Performance Objectives:
Accurately answer phone calls and greet customers at front desk in a friendly,
energetic, personable, professional and polite manner.
Be perceptive about other employees and their professional needs as they pertain
to the front desk (visitors, callers, deliveries and faxes).
Be courteous and exercise diplomacy at all times. Must maintain cooperative and
harmonious working relationships with other staff members.
Answer questions and ask questions to direct callers or visitors to proper location.
II. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Knowledge and proficient use of Microsoft Office applications.
The knowledge and experience to independently perform substantial clerical or
office work of any kind.
Strong verbal and interpersonal skills and the ability to organize and prioritize
Ability to proficiently use a multi-line telephone system, computer, copier, and
fax machine.
Must maintain proper and professional telephone voice and utilize proper
telephone etiquette.
Ability to make customers feel welcome by utilizing a personable approach to
service and maintaining a positive attitude.
Ability to multitask.
Be a self-motivated individual and display initiative.
Be able to handle emotional, confrontational people in a calm and professional
manner. Never lose composure.
Have the ability to do basic mathematics and work with interest rates, ratios,
percentages, and graphs as required.
III. Major Duties and Responsibilities:
Ensure reception desk is manned and main telephone line has coverage at all
times during business hours. Coordinates and works with the Director of Closing
to assure front desk coverage requirements are met including coverage for lunch,
breaks and days off.
Upon arriving make sure necessary lights are on in the building and fresh coffee is
made and maintained during appropriate times of the day.
Keep common areas clean and organized.
Accept calls for Citywide Mortgage using a multi-line telephone system.
Direct visitors and refer calls to the appropriate staff members.
Receptionist Job Description Template
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