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This file is a detailed sample of a professional reference letter that a manager writes to recommend one of the laid-off employees who are finding a new job. If you are in the similar situation, this template is a powerful tool you can use. Filling the blank based on your personal conditions and you will get formal reference letter. You can download this template for free and take it as a reference to start your writing.

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[Date]December 12, 2014
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Dear [Recipient Name]:
Trey Research employed Stephanie Bourne full-time as a senior editor. For more than four years
she managed the content and delivery of our monthly internal newsletter. Her recent layoff was
the direct result of an initiative at Trey Research to downsize during this slow economic quarter.
Last month, Trey Research closed its editorial department indefinitely.
Stephanie is an intelligent and motivated individual. She is more than capable of managing a
small group of people. As senior editor, Stephanie recruited and managed one writer and one
copyeditor. With the help of this team, she produced a high-quality newsletter every month and
never missed a deadline.
As part of her former responsibilities, Stephanie interviewed competitors in our sector and
developed reports on new technologies and areas for growth. Peers in my field would often tell
me that Stephanie was interesting to talk to and wrote credible content that accurately reflected
their feedback. I believe that developing quality relationships with industry competitors is the
responsibility of each Trey Research employee, and Stephanie’s consistent contributions to that
end are an excellent case in point.
If you would like additional information about Stephanie, you can telephone me at (425) 555-
[Your Name]
Reference Letter for Professional Employee
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