Download Rent Payment Receipt Template for Free

This Rent Payment Receipt Template is a useful tool to create a rent receipt. Instead of showing all the contents on a slip of paper slip a form, this template prints all the contents in a piece of paper and presents all the element by the sentence, which is more detailed and clearer. However, you should make sure the correctness of the important information. You can download it and replace the contact information with that of your company and then print it out for further use.

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Rent Receipt
Received from ____________________________________ the sum of _____________________Dollars ($________),
being one month's rent, covering the period from _________ to _________for residential premises located at
_______________________________________________________________________________________ .
Make Checks Payable to:
RealPro Property Management
4575 SW Tucker Ave, Beaverton, Oregon, 97005
For additional information Call:
Darla Andrew 503-515-3170
Property Manager/Broker
Recipient’s Name
Recipient’s Street Address
Recipient’s City/State/Zip
Rent Payment Receipt Template
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