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Rent to Own Template is a file that is similar to the Rent to Own Contract, but it is much easier to fill. This file contains fewer contents than the Rent to Own Contract. The Rent to Own agreement usually subordinates to a rental agreement and works when the agreement is going to be terminated. Sometimes this file contains information about the washer fees and the dryer fees.

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Rent to Own Agreement
Rent to Own AgreementRent to Own Agreement
Rent to Own Agreement
Washer $25.00 per month Model No. Serial No.
Dryer $25.00 per month Model No. Serial No,
'Lumbar Inc.' herein refers to Lumbar Incorporated and Lumbar Real Estate Holdings, LLC.
'Rental Agreement' herein refers to the rental agreement dated _____________________.
'Tenant(s)' herein refers to the undersigned tenants jointly and severally liable for rent payments per the rental
Lumbar Inc. will install the appliances indicated above at:
Payment Terms:
yment Terms:yment Terms:
yment Terms: ________
________ ________
________ payments of $ _____________ per month beginning with first payment on or before
_________________. Tenant(s) agrees to make payments above in addition to the monthly rent and other
charges per the rental agreement.
Transfer of Ownership:
Transfer of Ownership:Transfer of Ownership:
Transfer of Ownership:
Lumbar, Inc. shall retain ownership of appliance(s) for the term of this 'rent to own'
agreement subject to limitations below. At the completion of the final payment, tenant(s) shall have sole
ownership of appliance(s).
Termination of Rental Agreement
Termination of Rental AgreementTermination of Rental Agreement
Termination of Rental Agreement:
If rental agreement is terminated for any reason prior to the term of this 'rent to own' agreement OR if 'rent to
own' agreement is terminated prematurely for any reason, Lumbar may, at its discretion:
1. Retain ownership of appliance(s) and apply all previous payments as rent for the use of the appliance(s)
2. Allow tenant(s) to pay the balance of remaining payments to transfer ownership of appliances to
3. Charge tenant(s) for damage to appliance(s) due to misuse or abuse as long as appliances are owned
by Lumbar, Inc.
I (We) have read and understand the terms of this 'rent to own' agreement.
Tenant(s) Signature ____________________________________ Date _____________
____________________________________ Date _____________
____________________________________ Date _____________
Lumbar, Inc. Authorization ________________________________________ Date _____________
Rent to Own Template
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