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Rental Inspection Checklist is used to check the property situation before you move into the new house. You need to complete this inventory checklist as soon as you sign the lease. Do not move anything into your apartment until you have filled this form. If there is any damage, dent, mark, or other problems, take a picture. Remember to have the landlord sign this form as well. Each of you and the landlord should keep a copy of this file.

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Windows (curtains,
blinds, etc…)
Light Fixtures
Closets (Doors and
Book Shelves
Molding and Baseboards
Furniture (if applicable)
Mailbox (check lock)
Yard, Patio, Deck
External Doors and
Outside Lights
Move In Inventory Date ____________________ Move-Out Inventory Date_________________
Tenant’s Signature__________________________ Tenant’s Signature________________________
Landlord’s Signature_________________________ Landlord’s Signature______________________
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