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Research Grant Proposals-Sample Sections
Implications for HR Practice - examples from prior proposals:
Example 1:
The research proposed will be of direct value to HR practitioners in several ways.
First, it will provide support for the importance of adopting a “work life” rather than just
a “work family” focus to HR efforts, policies and programs. Second, it will allow for the
identification of domains of high employee commitment and high interference so that
policies, practices, supervisory training, and employee programs can be tailored to the
most common areas needing to be addressed, as well as to provide a more comprehensive
picture of what these policies and programs should cover. Third, providing evidence of
the effects of interference between work and other domains on individual well-being and
health can serve as a justification for resource investment in programs to address a
broader array of work-life interference issues. Finally, the research can assist in
enhancing the effectiveness of the organization through demonstrating that greater
retention of individuals may be obtained through reductions in work-life interference.
We plan to disseminate our findings widely to outlets of interest to HR practitioners,
including HRMagazine, major business columnists in leading newspapers and trade
journals, and through PR efforts with more general audience outlets.
Research Grant Proposals - Sample Sections
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