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This Resignation Letter is a typical resignation letter sample. This letter includes the basic elements of a resignation letter, including date of resignation, the reason for the resignation, thank-you. Besides, writer of this resignation letter uses a long paragraph to describe the working experience in the present company, which expresses his sincerity and gratitude. If you like this sample, you can download and modify to create a resignation letter for yourself.

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(Resignation Letter - Sample)
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Dear ______________,
Please accept this as a two (2) weeks formal notice of my resignation from the employ of
I wanted to inform you that I have accepted an offer with another firm and I am giving you this
formal resignation as my two (2) week notice.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the work environment and professional atmosphere. Your management,
direction, guidance and counsel have been a source of great personal career satisfaction to me.
The experience and knowledge gained during my association with _______________ provided
career growth for which I shall always be appreciative.
I wanted to thank you for the opportunities that have been extended to me while I have been here.
And to let you know my resignation is no reflection on the organization.
This is simply a tremendous opportunity that I could not afford to pass up. I’ve thought about it
quite a bit and I know you’ll respect my decision.
Thank you for past consideration.
(Your Name)
Resignation Letter
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