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A resume outline is an outline of a resume, which is used by applicants to find a job. It makes your career and life change if you make an attractive resume. An excellent resume should be in good structure and be well-organized. Different jobs require different kinds of resumes. The most important thing the employers focus on is what you can do for the company and the position you are applying for. Making it concise and presenting your goals of the position will be a decisive element in the job-seeking process.

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Resume Outline Worksheet
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Telephone Number
(no cell phone number or beeper)
(write a statement about the type of job you are seeking)
(Write a paragraph about you, describing your skills and abilities)
Skills and Strengths
(Make a list. Use the checklist from your Self-Assessment.)
(High school, School awards, School honors)
Work Experience
(List the name of the company, city, state, and the dates worked)
(Job #1)
(Job #2)
(Job #3)
Job Duties Performed
(List the job title and all the duties performed at each job)
(Job #1)
(Job #2)
(Job #3)
Resume Outline
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