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Sample Land Use Risk Assessment Log
Name of farm: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
This evaluation should be completed yearly or as changes are made to the farm or production practices.
Observations Corrective Actions Date Initials
Are there any current or previous land uses that may
represent a risk of contamination to fruit and
vegetable production?
Have there been any significant changes to land use
this year (e.g., addition of grazing animals, field
location changes)?
Have neighboring properties changed or added
activities that might affect fields and water sources
(e.g., animals, manure, or compost storage)?
Has there been any runoff from compost and
manure storage areas, animal pens, or grazing
Were there any flood events this year or last year?
Have you inspected your well head to make sure it is
in good condition and not in need of any repair?
On-Farm Decision Tree Project: Land Usev5 07/02/14
E.A. Bihn, M.A. Schermann, A.L. Wszelaki, G.L. Wall, and S.K. Amundson, 2014
Risk Assessment Log Template
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