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Roman Emperor Obituary Guide
Directions: Using Gale Resources on the OJR Library Media Center Webpage, you are going to research
information on a Roman Emperor. Through your research, you will answer the following questions. The
questions will be used to write an obituary to your Roman Emperor. An obituary is a notice of death and a brief
biography of the person who had died.
To access Gale Resources please follow the following steps:
Go to
Our Schools…OJR Middle School
Library Media Center…Research Databases…Gale Online Resources
Click “Biography in Context”…password= wildcat
Search the emperor
Below are the steps you should follow to complete your obituary.
Step 1: Choose an emperor from the following list: Augustus, Trajan, Marcus Aurelius, Tiberius,
Claudius, Hadrian, Vespasian, Justinian, Constantine
Step 2: Using the “Gale Online Resources” website, please answer the questions below
Step 3: Using the information you researched from Step 2, you will write an obituary on the emperor.
o Be sure to write the name of the emperor at the top as well as the “date of birth- date of death”.
Step 4 (Optional): If you are finished early, you may use the magazines to cut out pictures that connect
to the emperor’s life. The pictures you cut out can be glued to the back of your obituary.
Steps 1 and 2
Name of Emperor
How did the emperor die?
When did the emperor die?
Where did the emperor die?
How old was emperor at death?
When were they born?
Where were they born?
Roman Empire Sample Obituary Guide Template
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