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**Please note that this Agreement does not supersede the lease or any other agreement that tenants may have with
the landlord. The landlord is not bound by this Agreement and is not obligated to enforce its terms.**
[Sample] Roommate Agreement
On [month/day] , [year], we, the tenants named below, signed a lease agreement for the
residential property at the address listed below. By entering into this roommate agreement, we
hope to ensure that rental responsibilities will be understood and shared by all roommates as
described in this agreement.
This Roommate Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made by and between [tenant name] ,
[tenant name] , and [tenant name] , for the residential property at:
[address] . We are entering into this Agreement in order to identify
the rights and responsibilities of each tenant during the course of the lease agreement.
This Agreement runs concurrently with the lease agreement for the residential property, which is
effective from [month/day] , [year], to [month/day] , [year].
1. SECURITY DEPOSIT: The total security deposit amount that we paid the landlord for the
residence as required by the lease agreement is $ [amount] , which was paid to [“the
landlord” or name of roommate] on [month/day] , [year]. Individually, we each paid a
portion of the security deposit as follows:
[tenant name] $ [amount]
[tenant name] $ [amount]
[tenant name] $ [amount]
Each roommate will receive his/her share of the security deposit if and when the landlord returns
it after the lease term ends. Any deduction(s) from the deposit by the landlord shall be withheld
from all of the roommates in proportion to the amount of deposit that he/she paid. However, any
damage to the residence caused by a particular roommate or roommates shall be charged only to
the roommate(s) who caused the damage.
2. RENT: Under the terms of the lease agreement, the total rental amount due each month to the
landlord is $ [amount] . Each roommate shall pay the following amount:
[tenant name] $ [amount]
[tenant name] $ [amount]
[tenant name] $ [amount]
Rent must be paid in the form of (indicate form, e.g., “cash/check/cashier’s check”) to [ex:
“landlord” or name of roommate] . The rent is due on the (e.g., “first”) day of each month.
3. HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES: A single ledger (with item description, cost, and date of
purchase) will be kept listing all household supplies purchased by each roommate. The supplies
may include such things as paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning fluids, dish detergent, foil, plastic
trash bags, scrub brushes, and any other goods needed for the home which will be shared by all
Roommate Rent Agreement Letter
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