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>> Safety Meeting Minutes
Each safety committee meeting must be documented. These minutes will summarize
the committee’s activities. They should be posted in a designated place on the
employee bulletin board, and a copy will be given to management. While the minutes
do not need to be typed or conform to any strict format, they should, at a minimum,
include the names of the persons attending along with the following items:
Recommended Agenda:
Review of previous meeting minutes and status of recommendations.
Recent facility inspection(s) with action items — include date, time, list of the
inspection items, and names of inspector(s) and person(s) responsible for
completing the action items.
Next scheduled inspection — include date, time and inspector(s) assigned.
Review of injuries and incident trends, along with recommendations for
improvements, including timeline to implement the recommendations and
person(s) responsible.
Review of suggestions received from employees along with recommended
Previous safety training (with feedback if applicable) and recommendations for
upcoming training topics.
Other miscellaneous safety items.
You can use the template provided for documenting the minutes of each meeting.
Safety Committee Meeting Notes And Agenda Example
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