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UMHS Employee Reward
& Recognition Program
Reward and Recognition of Staff
Additional Time-Off
(Applies to Non-Bargained For Employees, Exempt & Non-Exempt)
Objective: To provide reward and recognition for employees who exceed performance
expectations of department management and for whom additional time off is considered a
valued method of recognition.
Best Practices:
1. Reward/Recognition time-off may be given by supervisors who wish to recognize
the performance of individual staff members or teams (or given by designated
teams who have been charged with the dispersal of recognition awards, under
the delegated authority of a supervisor).
2. Examples of performance which may be recognized include a staff member who
displays exemplary customer service or who significantly exceeds productivity
expectations. Supervisors may also want to provide reward/recognition time-off
to a team that attains a specific quality, safety, or other operational goal. (This
type of recognition should not be used to reward perfect attendance or as a
holiday bonus.)
3. Reward/Recognition time-off may range from 15 minutes to 1 work day. Time
off rewards are generally not expected to exceed 3 days per year and in no case
may the total time off for a year exceed 5 days (40 hours).
4. Reward/Recognition time-off should be noted on the departmental time record
for the employee, indicating number of hours granted, and clearly designated as
a reward. The timekeeping code for these hours is TOA.
5. The employee should also receive written documentation of the recognition (see
sample time-off certificate). This documentation should be attached to the
department timesheet and kept on file within the department.
Documentation Process for Supervisors:
1. Identify achievement that is to be recognized and the individual or team that has
exceeded a performance expectation or attained a performance goal.
Safety Recognition Certificate Template
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