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Visionary providing fiscal/strategic/operational leadership in complex sales organizations.
Accomplished, seasoned , strategic business/marketing management leader with over 20 years’
experience building and aggressively motivating sales teams to generate consistent revenue and profit
growth. Background includes channel development and management, developing and implementing
sales training for seasoned and novice sales force members, new business practice launches,
involvement in growth of minority and women-owned business, and providing sales leadership for
publicly-traded and private companies. Consistently successful in identifying and capitalizing on market
opportunities to build brand recognition, drive revenue growth, expand market penetration and win
dominant market share for the enterprise. Exceptional analytical, organizational, and leadership skills.
Highly effective in developing channel and direct customer relationships. Global business operational
perspective through exposure to diverse business protocols, particularly in North America, Western
Europe, Australia and Asia.
Strategy Development for Sales & Revenue Growth Sales & Marketing Leadership
Business Channel Development & Management • Product Pricing & Management
Team Building, Management, Training & Motivation New Business Launches
Achieving & Surpassing Sales Quotas International Business
COMPANY, INC., City, ST 2007-Present
Female-owned small business specializing in power backup solutions.
Vice President, Sales
Precipitated 100% jump in annual revenues by procuring multi-year contracts with recognized
companies/organizations including the FAA, Verizon, and American Airlines.
Elevated margins from 10% to 16% after revamping and expanding RPCI’s product line with
items such as Eaton Powerware, Exide GNB, Power Battery, and Eltek Valere.
COMPANY, INC., City, ST 2005 - 2006
$55M privately held company providing new/recertified communications equipment to clients.
Sales Director
Devised, introduced, executed training program to strengthen technological experience of more
seasoned sales team members through procurement of Avaya Certified Associate Sales Certificates
and Cisco IP Account Manager Certificates.
Supervised 22-person Sales Team serving corporate clients including Avaya, Nortel, Verint,
Zeacom, AVST. Spurred 15% sales rise for Avaya and 25% increase in demand for services.
Created/launched Cisco-based business showcasing Company Communications Solutions,
catapulting sales to $1M within first 6 months.
Sales and Marketing Management
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