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Mohini XXXXX
Mobile: +91-99533*****
Email: Mohini***
Career Summary
-Sales Analyst with experience in giving proper product presentations to customers and company staff
-Learned client and system needs by working closely with the company sales team and engineers, collaborating
on promotion and customer support
-Designed and implemented sales plans, identified re-sale possibilities and met the sales goals as planned.
-Recommended various improved materials or machinery to customers and clients by showing how these
changes and improvements will lower costs and improve performances
Technical Skill Sets
-Possess in-detail knowledge of the subject so as to help the customers solve their queries
-Ability to deliver relevant and true information
-Ability to interact with the customers.
-Ability to use sound judgment in decision-making.
-Technical knowledge of the field
-Demonstrated proficiency composing written communications
-Proficient in the use of Microsoft Windows and Office software, a calculator and a copier
Personality Traits
-Persuasive & Team leader
-Warm, friendly and engaging personality
-Ability to work hard and smart
-Ability to work for late hours with full efficiency
Duties & Responsibilities
-Prepared Sales Figures for company and projected profit and asset growths
-Proactively communicate with Clients or business partners on issues and obtain/present proper service solutions
to sales clients
-Played role of being liaison between the Board 0f Directors and the sales department!
Sales Marketing Analyst Resume Free Word Template
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