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Effective marketing is crucial to the success
of any business. But simply understanding
your market is not enough. You need to
build on your marketing plans, turning
theory into profits. A good sales strategy
will help you identify and take advantage of
the best opportunities.
This briefing covers:
Clarifying your sales objectives.
Deciding how to reach target customers.
Planning and supporting your sales effort.
Monitoring and improving effectiveness.
1 The right approach
1.1 Base your sales strategy on your business
and marketing plans.
Set out in detail how you will deliver
marketing objectives, target market
segments and support major marketing
activities, such as promotional drives.
Identify the key aims of your strategy. For
example, which target markets you are
aiming for and the timescales involved.
Get realistic, accurate plans by involving
sales people.
1.2 Understand your market.
Find out more about your customers. For
example, their needs, what products they
want and what level of service they expect.
Establish when, where and how your
existing customers buy.
If you sell to other businesses, identify who
influences buying decisions, who actually
makes them, and who places the orders.
Monitor the key trends in your market,
such as market changes and the activities
of competitors.
Take into account changing customer
tastes and developments in technology
or legislation.
Identify the key drivers of your business.
1.3 Concentrate on generating profitable
Rank customers in order of profitability,
identifying existing, potential and key
customers. Take into account the total cost
of selling to each one.
Identify criteria that will enable you to
understand what a profitable customer
looks like. Use this profile to market to
similar organisations.
Identify what you are good at by analysing
Your sales
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Sales Strategy Template
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