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This file is an outline of a formal and comprehensive agenda. By looking at it, you can figure out the basic elements included in a formal agenda and what's the order the elements should be placed. It can also help you come up with the contents that should be covered in an agenda. Download it for free and add the contents in the form based on its clarification. Remember to use the serial number to make your agenda more organized.

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SkillsUSA Chapter Meeting
1. Opening
a. Call to order (President)
b. Invocation
c. Opening ceremony
d. Pledge to flag
2. Roll call and reading of minutes of last meeting (Secretary)
3. Correspondence
4. Reports
a. Officers
b. Standing committees
c. Special or ad hoc committees
5. Business
a. Unfinished business
b. New business
6. Announcements
7. Program
a. Speakers
b. Educational activities (video or demonstration)
c. Presentation of honors and awards
8. Ceremonies
a. Initiation
b. Installation of officers
c. Granting of honorary memberships
9. Closing ceremony
10. Entertainment or social activity
Sample Agenda Templates
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