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This Residential House Lease Agreement ("Lease") is made and effective this [Date] by and
between [Landlord] ("Landlord") and [Tenant One] and [Tenant Two] ("Tenant," whether one
or more). This Lease creates joint and several liability in the case of multiple Tenants.
Landlord hereby rents to Tenant and Tenant accepts in its present condition the house at
following address: [Complete Address of House] (the "House").
2. TERM.
The term of this Lease shall start on [Move-in Date], and end on [Lease End Date]. In the
event that Landlord is unable to provide the House on the exact start date, then Landlord shall
provide the House as soon as possible, and Tenant's obligation to pay rent shall abate during such
period. Tenant shall not be entitled to any other remedy for any delay in providing the House.
3. RENT.
Tenant agrees to pay, without demand, to Landlord as rent for the House the sum of [Monthly
Rental Amount] per month in advance on the first day of each calendar month, at [Address for
Rent Payments], or at such other place as Landlord may designate. Landlord may impose a late
payment charge of [Late Pay Charge] per day for any amount that is more than five (5) days
late. Rent will be prorated if the term does not start on the first day of the month or for any other
partial month of the term.
Upon execution of this Lease, Tenant deposits with Landlord [Security Deposit Amount], as
security for the performance by Tenant of the terms of this Lease to be returned to Tenant, [With
or Without Interest], following the full and faithful performance by Tenant of this Lease. In
the event of damage to the House caused by Tenant or Tenant's family, agents or visitors,
Landlord may use funds from the deposit to repair, but is not limited to this fund and Tenant
remains liable.
Landlord agrees that if Tenant timely pays the rent and performs the other obligations in this
Lease, Landlord will not interfere with Tenant's peaceful use and enjoyment of the House.
A. The House shall be used and occupied by Tenant exclusively as a private single-family
residence. Neither the House nor any part of the House or yard shall be used at any time during
the term of this Lease for the purpose of carrying on any business, profession, or trade of any
kind, or for any purpose other than as a private single-family residence.
Sample Apartment Lease Agreement
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