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Example #3 explaining one piece
Kathleen Bitetti
Artist Statement
These plaster birds were cast from two ceramic birds my mother had in our family home.
Interestingly, the two original ceramic birds are exactly the same in every detail, except that one
was painted blue indicating a Blue Jay, while the other was painted red indicating a cardinal. I
chose to keep my birds white. These birds, in my mindscape, symbolize safety, good luck and
purity. All the birds in the museum have been cast specifically for this show and I have placed
them all in their specific sites within the museum.
I first made these white plaster birds to be elements in a 1996 site specific installation entitled,
Lullaby/Rock A Bye Baby. The installation examined the duality of the lullaby: it is an
extremely violent song that is considered a cherished "lullaby" that one sings to soothe children
to sleep.
Ironically, while working on these birds for this show, I found out that many people believe that
having any birds in their house, living or in any depiction, is a harbinger/cause of bad luck. Thus
these birds, like the majority of my work, have conflicting meanings
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