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The Sample Corporate Consulting Proposal provides what to highlight and include if you want to make a perfect corporate consulting proposal. The corporate consulting proposal is a kind of proposal proposed by one corporation presenting how they wish to serve another company or entity. The statement of the current state, the goal of the consultation and the estimated costs all need to be included in the proposal. We provide the professional template of the corporate consulting proposal, please feel free to use it.

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Hello. This is James Richards. As per our last discussion, I am putting a formal consultation
plan in writing for your company’s review and (hopeful) acceptance in helping design your call
I am a twenty-year call center veteran with experience and success in every imaginable facet of
the fieldfrom working the phones to running the centers to designing them. Those centers I’ve
redesigned saw near-immediate increases in productivity and revenue, and of the 30 or so I’ve
helped build, only two didn’t report a profit the last fiscal year.
The process we discussed would begin with a review of your existing plan, which should take no
longer than two days. Sometime after that, we would meet to discuss the results and my
proposed changes. This process is a back-and-forth and generally takes two revisions to
complete, though my contract allows for five (and is flexible regarding more when needed).
Finally, I will help you build the correct team for your center by watching several interviews,
coaching you on your style, and reviewing the rest of your candidates.
My design input and knowledge will give you everything you need to get a leg up in the
telemarketing world. With me at your side, those bizarre situations and technical issues that
seem to have no solution become quick fixes. Whatever your prior experience, my help will
make you wise beyond your professional years.
Your company would be responsible for all travel charges incurred and would be required to pay
my standard $65 dollar per diem for meals and other day-to-day activities. All other charges are
outlined in my contract, but the total would come to roughly $1,363 dollars with the services
outlined in this program. Though I am here to be an all-in-one resource, I want to make clear
that while I can help with certain technical issues, those that go above my head will need to be
handled by IT professionals.
I believe I’ve offered a fair deal and absolutely amazing value with this proposal; however, if you
don’t agree with anything you see, please let me know.
Dave Murphy
Sample Corporate Consulting Proposal
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