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Sample Cover Letter Format
Your name
Mailing address
City, state, ZIP code
Addressee’s name and title
Name of company
Mailing address
City, state, ZIP code
Dear Dr. / Mr. / Ms. _______________:
The opening paragraph should be brief (2-4 sentences). State the reason for your letter including job title,
resource from which you heard about the vacancy, job listing number, (if there is one) and any other
pertinent information to ensure the employer understands what job you want.
Indicate in the second paragraph your interest in the company, job and why you think you are qualified for
the position. Match up your qualifications with those listed as required on the job description, if it is an
advertised job. A formal letter is obvious to an employer, so write a customized letter for each
employer/job. Emphasize the aspects of your education, experience, special skills, etc. that are relevant
to the position. You may refer to your enclosed resume, but do not duplicate the exact wording of your
resume. Keep it concise and only use about 4-6 sentences.
The last paragraph is only a few sentences in which you express your interest in providing additional
information during a personal interview. You can take the traditional (passive) approach by stating you
look forward to hearing from them soon. An active approach, which is very effective (and shows the
employer how confident and enthusiastic you are about the job), is to state that you will call the employer
on a certain date (or in 10 days, one week, or whatever timing you want) to arrange for an appointment to
further discuss your qualifications with the employer in person.
Your signature (Make it fit in this space without extending over the typed words.)
Your typed signature
Enclosure (Résumé)
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Sample Cover Letter Format
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