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Sample Cover Letter Information Technology
Ian Information
127 Commercial Road
Scoresby VIC 3179
Mobile: 0413 447 946
Email: iinform[email protected]
13 May 2015
Janice Nicholson
Human Resources Co-ordinator
Business Networks
60 Albert Street
East St Kilda VIC 3183
Dear Ms Nicholson,
I am writing to apply for the IT Support/Help Desk Technician position with Business Networks, as advertised
on Monash University’s Career Gateway. I am currently in my final year of a Bachelor of Information
Technology and Systems degree at Monash University, majoring in Applications Development and Networks. I
am keen to apply my knowledge and key skills gained through both university study and industry related work
experience, particularly with regard to the management and support of computer networks and network
My enthusiasm to work at Business Networks has been encouraged by your reputation of working creatively to
provide customers with excellent technical support. Solving clients’ computing related problems to ensure that
their IT use is effective and efficient would be very satisfying. I thoroughly enjoy the technical challenges of
problem solving and working with clients to bring about speedy resolutions. Business Networks also appeals
to me because it is a company which is expanding and this will bring the challenges and growth I am looking
forward to within my career.
My studies have assisted me in gaining relevant technical skills and my employment experience in the retail
sector has enabled me to extend my skills in the areas of communication and problem solving. My experience
as a volunteer has been based around my motivation to become involved and ensure that programs are
delivered effectively. I enjoy taking the initiative to create positive outcomes for people.
Through my part time employment in the retail sector, selling laptops at JB Hifi, I have proven a strong
customer focus with the ability to communicate and deal with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. I
have had to handle many challenging customer enquiries and have learnt to resolve them in a professional
and timely manner. This has also developed my ability to explain IT concepts to people who do not have a
technical background.
Thank you for reviewing my application. Enclosed are my resume and academic transcripts. I believe that I
have demonstrated the qualities and skills that you seek and would welcome the opportunity to discuss my
application in more detail at an interview.
Yours sincerely,
Ian Information
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Sample Cover Letter of Information Technology
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