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Re: Employment References
Dear [Former Employer]:
I am writing regarding my recent termination from [former employer’s name}.
I will be looking for work with other employers, and will list my work with [former employer].
I am writing to notify you that people may be calling for a job reference. Please notify them only
of my former job title and dates of employment. Negative comments beyond that information
may be grounds for legal liability, as explained in the next paragraph.
It is illegal for an employer to injure, through misrepresentation, an employee’s reputation or
prospects for new work. Every employee has the right to be protected from insult, slander or
libel under California Civil Code Sections 43, 44, 45 and 46. Any person who prevents or
attempts to prevent the re-employment of a former employee through misrepresentation is liable
for treble damages. See California Labor Code Sections 1050 and 1055. Employers may be
liable for the misrepresentations of their employees as well. See California Labor Code Sections
1052 and 1055. Suggesting through innuendo, omitting positive facts, making false statements,
or reporting rumor all could be grounds for legal liability.
Please place this letter in my personnel file as a reminder not to disclose information beyond my
former job title and dates of employment. Thank you.
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Sample Employment Reference Letter
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