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This Sample Employment Verification Letter is to verify that an employee is working for your company. The specific information includes the name, working status, job position, entry time and your contact information. This template is a typical example of an employment verification letter. You can download it for free and fill in the brackets based on facts and the hints. We offer two version of the template, Word and PDF. You can choose the one you prefer.

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Employing Agency Letterhead
Bob Stresak, Executive Director
Commission on POST
1601 Alhambra Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95816-7083
Dear Director Stresak:
This letter is to verify that (APPLICANT’S FULL NAME) is/was employed as a sworn
(APPLICANT’S POSITION) with our department from (DATES OF SERVICE). During
(APPLICANT’S NAME) employment, this applicant successfully conducted a full range of
chief executive responsibilities, performing high level managerial and administrative
duties consistent with the position held.
If you have any questions regarding (APPLICANT’S NAME) employment with the (NAME
OF AGENCY), please phone me at (AUTHOR’S PHONE NUMBER).
(Original signature of: city manager, mayor, county administrator, or the person
authorized to verify the applicant’s employment and duties)
(Individual’s printed name and title)
(Agency name)
Sample Employment Verification Letter
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