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Sample Invitation Letter to Partners
The [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] is poised to initiate a new and excited
program developed by the National Institute of Health that can help youth
and families maintain a healthy weight. We Can! (Ways to Enhance
Children’s Activity and Nutrition) draws on the research and community stud-
ies that NIH has conducted for several years.
We Can! will provide activities and programs that encourage improved nutri-
tional choices, increased physical activity, and reduced screen time in youth
ages 8–13. The initiative is unique among existing youth obesity-prevention
efforts in its focus on programs and activities for parents and families as a pri-
mary group for influencing youth audiences.
[COMMUNITY SITE NAME] has joined a network of other community-based
organizations around the country that are helping to create a healthier home-
town environment by conducting We Can! programs in [CITY NAME] and
would like to speak to you about a possible collaboration with this new
national initiative.
Through We Can! we will be delivering programs, hosting community
events, and promoting media messages that encourage youth to
• Choose a sufficient amount of a variety of fruits and vegetables per day.
Decrease consumption of high-fat foods and energy-dense foods with low
nutrient value.
• Enjoy small portions at home and at restaurants.
• Substitute water, fat-free milk, or low-fat milk for sweetened beverages.
Engage in at least 60 minutes of moderate physical activity on most—prefer-
ably all—days of the week.
• Reduce sedentary activity by limiting screen time to no more than
2 hours per day.
Sample Invitation Letter to Partners
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