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Sample Lease Agreement is more professional than other lease agreements. This file contains specific items in eleven pages. No matter you are renting a house as a tenant or renting out a house as a landlord, you have to read this agreement carefully before the two parties sign this file. In case any dispute occurs in the future, you may find a resolution in accordance with this agreement.

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THIS IS A LEASE AGREEMENT (hereinafter “Lease”), entered into this _____ day of
___________, 20 , between CKC RENTAL AGENCY, LLC, 125 West Spring Street,
Oxford, Ohio 45056, (hereinafter Landlord”), and the undersigned persons identified as
Tenants (hereinafter “Tenant” individually or “Tenants collectively).
1. Premises. The residence rented to Tenants is described as follows: ,
Oxford, Ohio 45056 (hereinafter the Premises”). Tenants will be given the opportunity to
document the condition of the Premises by filling out the Move-In Inspection Sheet given to
the first Tenant to be issued a key to the Premises. Except as provided in the Move-In
Inspection Sheet, Tenants agree that the Premises are in good working order and habitable.
Tenants agree that appliances provided by Landlord, if any, are in good working order and fit
for their intended use. Tenants further agree that Landlord has made no promises with the
respect to the condition of the Premises, or any appliance therein, other than those in this
Lease. Tenants shall keep the Premises in a clean and satisfactory condition. The Premises
shall be delivered back to Landlord at the conclusion of the Lease term in the same condition
of cleanliness and repair as on the first date of Tenants occupancy. If Tenants fail to
complete the Move-In Inspection Sheet, upon termination of the Lease term Tenants shall be
liable for the condition of the Premises compared to like-new condition.
1.1. FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES. All equipment, appliances, furniture, and amenities in
the Premises are to be used for the purposes intended and in accordance with any
instructions provided. Tenants shall maintain such equipment, appliances, furniture, and
amenities in good working order. Alteration of any Landlord supplied furnishings is
strictly prohibited without Landlord’s written consent. No major appliances may be
installed or stored in the Premises without Landlord’s written consent. Tenants are not
permitted to remove any Landlord supplied furnishings from the Premises. If any
furnishings are found missing, damaged, stained, broken, or worn beyond normal wear
and tear, Landlord shall replace the same at Tenants’ cost. Landlord shall have the option
to replace the furnishings immediately or upon termination of the Lease. Landlord
supplied furniture is as shown on “Exhibit A”. For special instructions of how to run
appliances, see Property Summary Sheet and Move-In Packet.
1.2. WINDOW TREATMENTS. If the Premises has any window treatments and unless noted
on any applicable provided Furniture List, the window treatments are the Tenants’
responsibility and Tenants are responsible for maintenance of and repairs to the same, as
needed. In order to enhance the appearance of the community, all window treatments
installed by Tenants must appear white on the outside. Sheets, blankets, foil, etc., may
not be hung in place of blinds. Upon receipt of written notice from Landlord, Tenants
shall immediately remove any window treatments that Landlord determines are
2. Term. The term of this Lease (hereinafter the “Term”) shall be eight (8:00) am, August ,
20 (hereinafter the “Lease Commencement Date”) to five (5:00) pm, May , 20 .
2.1 If Landlord cannot deliver Premises. If for any reason Landlord is unable to
deliver possession of the Premises on the Lease Commencement Date,
Landlord shall provide written notice to Tenants with Landlord’s statement of
the date the Premises will be available for possession. Tenants, as their sole
Sample Lease Agreement
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