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This file is a Sample Letter For A Retiring Employee, which means a letter that an organization, a university specifically, sends to one of its employees who decides to retire from the current position. This letter is mainly to ask the employ to fill in a survey. You can read and learn how to create a letter to a retired employee to ask for something. This template is free to download and print.

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Employee’s Name
Employee’s Position Title
Office Address
I want to take this opportunity to confirm that your retirement from your POSITION TITLE will
be effective on DATE. I appreciate the many years of service you have given to the
DEPARTMENT and the University.
The University is interested in learning about the reasons employees have for leaving the
institution, in order to obtain information which may help in efforts to improve the work
environment. The department of Human Resources conducts exit interviews with departing
employees for this purpose. I am informing the Department of Human Resources of your plans
so they may send you the exit survey form and contact you for a confidential interview.
I want to thank you for your service to the UNIVERSITY.
(Source: Division of Multicultural Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.)
Sample Letter For A Retiring Employee
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