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This file shows a Sample Letter of Interest, which can be used to express a person's interest in a job position and willing to apply for the position. This letter mainly has three parts, the intention to write the letter in the first paragraph, the skills and qualifications fitting this job and the intention to apply for the position. It has an organized and clear structure. As for the specific contents, you can read to get more details. This template is free to download and print.

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Sample - Letter of Interest
100 Wildcat Lane
Minneapolis, MN 55454
March 24, 2007
Albert Davis
Human Resources
1331 South Boulevard
Chipley, Fl 32428
Dear Mr Davis:
Please consider me for the _______________
position as advertised on
You will see listed on the enclosed resume, my background in software is extensive. I
am knowledgeable in many types of spreadsheet and database applications. I also
have several years of clerical experience which has given me the opportunity to
develop good customer relations and communication skills. My previous experience
has taught me how hard work, dedication and perseverance can help when completing
a task or project.
As your employee,
I will welcome hard work, be willing to learn new skills, be
mindful of details and stay on top of the latest software. I pride myself on my
dependability and ability to work well with others.
I would appreciate an opportunity to work with Washington County Board of County
Commissioners. Please call me at
(XXX) XXX-XXXX to arrange an interview at your
convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Jill D. Doe
Sample Letter of Interest
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