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This file offers three different and typical samples of a recommendation letter. They can be used in different situations. A recommendation letter is usually to recommend a student to a university or a job position. The main part of a recommendation letter is the qualifications and abilities of the student. You can choose a sample fitting your conditions most and see how to write a recommendation letter for a student. You can also download and modify the to create a customized recommendation letter for your students.

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2. Sample Recommendation Letter for a Professionally Competent Student
Mr. _____________________ taught in the fifth grade at the _______________________
School in Anytown, USA, during the fall semester of 2006. I served as the cooperating teacher
during this experience for the 16 weeks and have been a classroom teacher for 16 years in this
system. My experience as a cooperating teacher includes other colleges as well as
Mr. _________________________ had a positive, successful experience in my classroom. He
performed all of his teaching duties in a responsible and dependable manner. I particularly was
impressed with his strengths in relating to the students. He planned his lessons well and was
sensitive to the needs of the students. His growth in all areas was apparent from the first week to
the final meeting.
Mr. ________________________ has the potential to become an effective teacher. His
dependability, planning skills, and communication with students are all part of his strengths. I
can predict Mr. _______________________ will become an effective classroom teacher with the
proper guidance from a teacher mentor or the building principal.
If you would like any further information, feel free to contact me.
3. Sample Recommendation Letter after an Unsuccessful Experience
Ms. _____________________ has just completed 16 weeks of student teaching in my first-grade
classroom. Throughout the experience she has strengthened her knowledge of developmental
practice in early childhood education. She has achieved the ability to recognize excellence,
remediate weaknesses, and foster mutual respect among students.
However, her ability to plan lessons and submit daily routine information on time was not as
successful. In spite of a warm and creative personality, Ms. ________________ frequently used
inappropriate information in class that showed a lack of achievement in the content area.
With careful supervision and the proper guidance from a teacher mentor or the building
principal, Ms. ___________________ could become a good teacher.
(Source: A Handbook of Techniques and Strategies for Coaching Student Teaching, Pelletier, 2000)
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