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Sample Marketing Letter
Mrs. Norris,
Matoma Products,
West Virginia.
How to Chop off Half percentage on Office Furniture
Dear Madam,
ABC Office Outlook would be glad to assist you in making procurement decisions. You can save
up to 50% on your furniture if you let us do your home work. We are dedicated to offering you
information on how to get quality furniture without having to spend a fortune on them. At office
outlook we specialize in both new and second hand furniture. We have all the famous brands
such as steelcase, Haworth and many others. The second hand furniture is refurbished and
looks as good as new. If you go for the refurbished ones, you save up to 50% of your cash.
We have a qualified crew that can help you with the interior design and all installations. Our
quotes are free and you can get them in our website any time any day.
Best of Wishes,
1-500-000-0000 ext 345
Sample Marketing Letter
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