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Monthly Meeting Agenda Template
Leader: Date:
I. Rounding for Outcomes:
Personal Connection/Relationship Building
What’s working well
Staff and/or physicians for recognition (who/what/why)
Systems or processes that need attention
Tools and equipment to do your job/care for patients
II. Review of Performance by Pillar (via the LEM Report Card and 90-Day Plan)
Recognition of what’s going well
Verification of evidence-based practices across the pillars (see below and EBL Validation Resources document)
Resolution of barriers to achieving results
FYI for your information
FD for discussion
FA for action or decision
Action Items
Person Responsible
Due Date
Patient Satisfaction/Physician Satisfaction/Customer Satisfaction Goals/results
Rounding logs and outcomes discussion
Rounding on staff; rounding on internal customers outcomes and follow up
Review key drivers; review questions on survey
Review tactics to improve (90 day plan)
Employee Survey Results action items
Turnover/Retention goals results/progress
Rounding on staff outcomes, wins, trends
Thank you notes
New hire 30/90 day conversations
Employee Evaluations
Review tactics to improve employee satisfaction
Review turnover; review exit interview forms
Finance Goals/results/progress
Quality Goals/results/progress
Growth Goals/results/progress
Community Goals/results/progress
III. Review of LDI Linkage Grid (status of completing action items)
IV. Professional Development
What the leader does well
An area/skill for development
V. Confirmation of priorities
Sample Monthly Meeting Agenda
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