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Sample Pasture Lease Agreement is not a legal document. This file is signed by a pasture owner (the landlord) and a livestock owner (the tenant). If there is any disagreement related to any provision of this file, such disputes shall be referred to an arbitration committee.The arbitration committee should be composed of one member selected by each party and a third member selected by the other two. The arbitration committee's decision shall be binding upon all parties.

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Sample Pasture Lease Agreement
(Not a legal document.)
I. Parties:
This lease entered into this ________________________ day of ___________________, ________, between
_____________________________________, landlord, of ____________________________________________
pasture owner address
hereafter known as “the landlord,” and ____________________________________________, tenant, of
livestock owner
II. Property Description
The landlord hereby leases to the tenant, to occupy and use for pasture purposes, the following described property:
consisting of approximately _________________ acres situated in _________________________________________
County (Counties), _________________ (State), and on any other land that the landlord may designate by mutual
written agreement.
FR-8-06—page 5
III. General Terms of Lease
A. Term (select one option).
1.) Annual lease. The term of this lease shall be
________________, commence on the ________ day
of ____________, and end on the _________ day of
2.) Continuing lease. The term of the lease shall be
__________ year(s), commencing on the _________ day
of ______________, _____, and shall continue in effect
from year to year thereafter (as an annual lease) unless
written notice of termination is given by either party to
the other at least _________ days prior to expiration of
the lease or the end of any year of continuation.
(Note: State laws differ on the duration of agricultural leases.)
B. Review of lease. A request for general review of
the lease may be made by either party at least ________
days prior to the nal date for giving notice to terminate
the lease.
C. Amendments. Amendments and alterations to this
lease shall be in writing and shall be signed by both the
landlord and tenant.
D. No partnership created.
This lease shall not be
deemed to give rise to a partnership relation, and neither
party shall have authority to obligate the other without
written consent, except as specically provided in this
E. Binding on heirs. The terms of this lease shall be
binding upon the heirs, executors, administrators, and
Sample Pasture Lease Agreement
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