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Sample Pasture Lease Agreement is not a legal document. This file is signed by a pasture owner (the landlord) and a livestock owner (the tenant). If there is any disagreement related to any provision of this file, such disputes shall be referred to an arbitration committee.The arbitration committee should be composed of one member selected by each party and a third member selected by the other two. The arbitration committee's decision shall be binding upon all parties.

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successors of both landlord and tenant in like manner as
upon the original parties, except as provided by mutual
written agreement otherwise.
F. Transfer of property.
If the landlord should sell or
otherwise transfer title to the farm, such action will be
done subject to the provisions of this lease.
G. Additional agreements regarding terms of lease:
IV. Normal Units — Maximum Allowable:
Not more than _________ animal units shall be kept in
the pasture at any time. Violation of this provision shall
constitute grounds for termination of the lease unless
the pasture owner rst secures in writing the consent of
the lessee. Each 1,000 pounds of average weight for the
pasture period shall be considered an animal unit.
If the pasture owner and the owner of the livestock prefer, they can
use the following basis for calculating animal units: 1 bull, 1.3
animal units; one 1,000 lb. cow, 1 animal unit; 1 yearling steer or
heifer, 0.8 animal unit; calf, 6 months to 1 year, 0.6 animal unit; calf,
3 to 6 months, 0.3 animal unit; sheep. 5 per animal unit; horse 1.3
animal units.
V. Duties:
1.) The livestock owner agrees:
a. Not to pasture livestock known to be
breachy (apt to break fences or break
out of pasture). Should any animal be
found outside the pasture on at least three
occasions, the pasture owner may request its
b. Not to assign his/her rights and duties under
this lease without the written consent of the
pasture owner.
c. To brand or tag all livestock in a manner
sufcient to determine identity of ownership.
A written list of all animals beyond weaning
age entering the pasture together with brand
description and classications according
to breed, age grouping, and sex shall be
provided to the owner of the pasture. Such
list shall be kept up to date throughout the
d. Not to put any cattle in pasture without
getting approval from the pasture owner
in advance regarding number, health, sex,
breed, and age.
2. The pasture owner agrees:
a. To place the perimeter fences and necessary
cross fences in serviceable condition prior to
the date livestock are brought to the pasture
and to maintain the fences during the pasture
b. To provide an adequate source of water
throughout the pasture season. Violation of
this subsection shall constitute grounds for
termination of the lease.
c. To inform all livestock owners at the time
this contract is completed of any plans for
putting any male animal(s) into the pasture,
including a description and approximate
dates of entry and withdrawal. Such
intentions shall be made a matter of record
as follows:
Description of Bull(s)
(breed, markings, or registration
number, etc.)
Date of
Date of
In the event the pasture owner should wish to put male
animals not described above into the pasture, he shall
give all owners of female stock notice of his intention
to do so at least ________ days in advance of actually
doing so. Owners of female stock shall then have the
option of removing female stock without liability for any
rental charges on the animals removed for the remainder
of the season. Failure to remove female stock during the
specied length of time shall be interpreted to mean that
the owner has not objected to the pasture owners stated
intention and this contract shall continue to be binding.
VI. Both Agree:
1.) Not to obligate the other party. Neither party
hereto shall pledge the credit of the other party
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